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About Us

At FACT, we love the job that we do. Naturally, we land up doing it well. Our inspiration comes from converting career dreams of our students into a reality. You can meet any one of us and get complete information specific to your academic and financial backgrounds and your career aspirations…

     Sunil Shah


Mr. Sunil Shah is a rank holder chartered accountant and founder of FACT. He can be reached at Thane, Borivali and Vashi centers with prior appointment. Most of the public seminars, TV programs, and news paper articles coming from FACT are delivered by him. His ability to design effective career plans for students is backed by 14 years of experience in this field.



   Akalpita Katre



Katre Madam, as she is universally known. She has been the main pillar of FACT. You can meet her at Thane, Pune, Dadar and Nashik centers with prior appointment. Undoubtedly, she is the most experienced team member and the most inspiring career advisor. Her fan club on orkut is a testimony to her popularity amongst students. In short, if you have Katre Madam as a guide, you have nothing to worry about your career.


Avinash Veer


Avinash is B Chem Engg from UDCT, Mumbai. Currently, he is pursuing PhD in Mathematics from IIT. He is extremely intelligent, at times equally blunt and straight while guiding his students. If you can take constructive criticism, can survive his intensity and work under pressure, he is the man who can get you to your dreams. He is available at Thane office all the time and he does not travel to any other center. Sitting at the Thane HO, he minutely monitors and executes work of all students of FACT. So, you may be enrolled at any center, but it is going to be Avinash who is going to work on your entire applications process. His popularity amongst “his type” of students is enviable to everyone at FACT.

Kiran Shaligram


Kiran is in-charge of Thane campus. Fast, efficient and experienced is the best way you can describe her. Most of the times, the she is the first point of contact with the new students and parents. She explains the entire procedure and methodology to the parents. Like Avinash, she is anchored at Thane HO and is available for any career related queries.


Shraddha Kurmi



All the students call her a “One Woman Army”. She is the most versatile team member at FACT. She manages the Borivali office for the past 4 years. During this time, she has handled students from HSC to Ph.D., she has helped these students complete the complexities of application process, the anxieties of VISA process and she is in touch with them even when they are in the university campus. She is also one of the most popular Verbal Trainers. And its not finished yet! She has trained more than 200 students on German and Spanish languages at FACT. Now you know why everyone calls her a “One Woman Army”.


Kiran Mukherjee


Kiran(Anjali) has completed her MBA in Human Resource Management from Pune University.She handles the entire HR department of F.A.C.T.She is  proactive and self starter who is highly motivated, with exceptional learning capabilities, duty bound, a committed team player with strong conceptual knowledge in activities in the areas she is assigned for.




Amita works in the Dadar office of FACT. A very meticulous and organised team member, she is extremely sensitive to the requirements of students. Under the able leadership of Katre Madam, she has grasped the nuances of the complex application process quite well.



 Vaishali Mcwann


Vaishali Mcwann, a graduate in life sciences has done her Post Graducation in Personnel & Admin & H.R. An experience of around 6 years in educational field, she has worked with institutes like Aptech Computer & M.G.V'S college of Pharmacy as Adminstrative officer. She was also with ICA -retail as retail trainer. She is now working as trainer with FACT and is also the Center Head of Nasik.